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September 9, 2015

We love perusing the realm of Instagram on a daily (ok, hourly) basis, but we really get excited when we see petite Instagrammers showing us what they wear and how they define fashion.

We’ve come up with a list of our current top 10 that we regularly revisit for inspiration – try following these accounts to step your petite fashion feed up a notch!

If you’re up for some petite fashion gawking, get ready to hit that follow button.

(In no particular order…)

Name: Lia
Height: 5’2″
Style: Street-style chic (that we cannot get enough of)

instagram petite blogger

View from 5ft2
Name: Christine
Height: 5′ 2″
Style: Easy to wear, laid back classics with some very cute prints

instagram petite blogger

hello frambroise
Name: Tam
Height: 4’11”
Style: Feminine and elegant, Pinterest-ready outfits!

instagram petite blogger

Name: Courtney
Height: 5’0″
Style: Fun, playful and full of colour, not forgetting her signature red lipstick

instagram petite blogger

Name: Toshiko
Height: 5’2″
Style: Memorable outfits created with striking accessories and eye-catching patterns

instagram petite blogger

Name: Shai
Height: n/a
Style: Bold, fun outfits with a creative edge

instagram petite blogger

Name: Minh
Height: 5’2″
Style: Glamorous and fairytale-esque with lots of full-length gowns

instagram petite blogger

la petite noob
Name: Joelle
Height: 5’2″
Style: Girl-next-door vibes with a generous side dish of elegance and floral patterns <3

instagram petite blogger

Name: Pau
Height: n/a
Style: Casual LA style with an edgy yet feminine touch

instagram paudictado

Name: Andrea
Height: n/a
Style: Uber creative and quirky, Andrea shows us how it’s done with midi and maxi skirts

instagram dear milano


We hope you’ve enjoyed this post, just hashtag us on Instagram #houseofpetite if you would like to be in our next Petite Instagrammers feature!


hop x


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