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October 7, 2015

Shopping online is super convenient and a great way to waste spend your Sunday afternoons tabbing through all the fashion websites but if you are petite and find yourself stepping in and out of stores, struggling to find fashion that fits, we can help you! We’ve reviewed and listed our top favourite 8 UK stores to peruse as a petite.

Some of these stores are petite-friendly, meaning that although they don’t offer a petite range, their sizings come up smaller versus other brands, so it would be a good excuse to go in and ‘have a look’…

topshop logo

1. Topshop Petite

Topshop is the high street staple of fashion retail. One would find it impossible not to be lured in by their fashion forward designs and wide selection of clothing to choose from. Topshop Petite is a smaller collection of the on-trend items from Topshop’s main range.

Pros: We’ve found their sizing to be pretty reliable and true to fit. This makes it the best place to get petite jeans which come in a 28 inch leg length. We love the Jamie skinny and Mom-cut jeans in particular.

Cons: Our only gripe is that the quality of clothing could be better and styles err on the side of casual/ young. This can be a limiting factor if you’re looking for investment pieces/ formal workwear.


Bomber | Lace Top | Jeans


banana republic logo

2. Banana Republic Petite

Banana Republic Petite have increased their petite ranges in many of their UK stores over the last few years. They offer us quality items of workwear (formal dresses, suits and shirts) alongside classic casual items.

Pros:  A great place to find formal workwear – a quality work shirt or a pencil skirt.

Cons: Their sizing is generous and often come up larger than Topshop Petite sizing in length and width, however, they go right down to a UK 2 (which fits more like a UK 6 in comparison to Topshop Petite).

banana republic trio 2

Shirt | Blazer | Skirt



pretty small shoes logo

3. Pretty Small Shoes

If you’re petite-footed, you’d be hard pressed to find fashionable shoes under UK size 2-3 which aren’t kids shoes. Pretty Small Shoes stock UK 13 -3 and it is the place to visit. They’ve recently opened a London store so you can try all of their wide range of small sized shoes to your delight, and we at house of petite also stock a selection of their classic styles.

Pros: A very wide selection of petite shoes for any occasion from UK 13 to UK 3. You’ll find great quality boots, heels, flats and sandals.

Cons: A bit pricey but look out for their seasonal offers and promotions.

pretty small shoes trip

Suede Pumps | Flats | Boots




dorothy perkins logo

4. Dorothy Perkins Petite

A well-known and loved high street brand in the UK, Dorothy Perkins is a purse-friendly destination for low-key casuals and some hidden gems in the petite section.

Pros: Good quality basics and outerwear range, especially for colder weather. Great choice for casual workwear.

Cons: Not many we could think of! We would love to see some more fashion forward pieces make their way into their range.

dorothy perkins trio

Top | Jacket | Jeans





zara logo

5. Zara (petite-friendly)

Not many of us mere mortals have been able to resist the allure of Zara… For petite ladies, it’s bittersweet as Zara offer great fashion at good prices but they don’t have a petite range (imagine if they did!). We need to be savvy and cherry-pick items such as sleeveless tops and short skirts to ensure a good fit.

Pros: Zara TRF range comes up a little bit smaller as it’s tailored toward their younger audience. Stylish fashion at good prices means you may be able to afford a tailor on top of your purchase to hem in some investment items such as coats and blazers. In shoes, you can purchase UK size 2 in selected styles.

Cons: Quality can be a bit of a gamble depending on the fabric.


zara trio

Boots | Top | Skirt




h&m logo

6. H&M (petite-friendly)

H&M give us stylish fashion at low prices but they’ve also been highly influential in democratising fashion, delivering exciting big name collaborations – here’s a sneak peek of Balmain x H&M launching on 5th November!

Pros: Wide range of casual to formal clothing at good prices. Fashion-forward designs available from their designer collaborations, high quality clothing from their H&M Premium and Trend range. The good news for petites is that although H&M don’t do petite sizing, we can get away with some of their items, depending on the cut. Jean from Extra Petite comments on a how a H&M dress fits here.

Cons: The right fitting item at the quality you want can be hard to find.

hm trio

Playsuit | Blouse | Skirt




brandy melville logo

7. Brandy Melville (petite-friendly)

Although Brandy Melville are targeted to a young audience, there’s nothing stopping you from finding great quality basic pieces in petite-friendly sizes. An Italian brand, their clothing aesthetic has been inspired by the LA lifestyle, you’ll find soft angora sweaters and stylish dresses, skirts and tops made out of quality material.

Pros: All clothing is made in Italy, so the quality benchmark is high and prices are very affordable. Great place to purchase your holiday outfits or basics.

Cons: Limited sizing – although relatively petite-sized, many of their items are available in only one or two sizes around the UK 6-10 mark.

brand melville trio 2

Bomber | T-shirt | Dress





river island logo

8. River island – (petite-friendly)

With over 60 years on the high street, River Island is a well known and well loved brand. Although they don’t have a petite range, recently they have extended their sizings in jeans, trousers and shoes to cater for the more petite market.

Pros: You can find selected items of clothing in UK size 4. Denim and selected trousers are offered in short (30 inches) and extra short (26 inches) leg lengths! In shoes, you can purchase UK size 2 in selected styles.

Cons: Quality can be unpredictable.

river island trio

Skirt | Co-ord | Shirt


That concludes our high street post for the UK stores, we hope that this helps direct you to the places where you can find something that fits nicely for petites. Happy shopping and let us know if you’ve found other petite-friendly high street shops.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

Love, h.o.p. x

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